CDC's Website: COVID-19 Background...

“In late December 2019, investigation of a cluster of pneumonia cases of unknown origin in Wuhan, China resulted in identification of a novel coronavirus. The virus is distinct from both severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus (SARS-CoV) and Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV), although closely related. Early epidemiologic findings indicate COVID-19 may be less severe1 than SARS or MERS, but evidence suggests that the virus is more contagious than its predecessors. Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) is a newly identified pathogen and it is assumed there is no existing human immunity to the virus. Everyone is assumed to be susceptible, although there may be risk factors that increase an individual’s illness severity.

“Based on epidemiologic reports of the outbreak in China, those at highest risk for severe disease and death include people aged over 60 years and those with underlying conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, chronic respiratory disease, and cancer. Disease in children appears to be relatively mild, and growing evidence that a significant proportion of infections across all age groups are asymptomatic.

“Cases of COVID-19 in China and the initial U.S. cases in early March 2020 have been clustered. Most cases in China occurred in households and in Washington, for example, a significant cluster was associated with a long-term care facility. However, cases have been reported in the United States with no direct epidemiologic link to confirmed cases. Ongoing surveillance of illness, risk factors, and epidemiologic linkage is needed to characterize the disease transmission in the United States, and to inform intervention and mitigation strategies.

Epidemiological reports from the field are demonstrating a growing importance of presymptomatic and asymptomatic infections from two lines of evidence: the serial interval of COVID-19 appears to be close to or shorter than its median incubation period and clusters linked to presymptomatic and asymptomatic index cases. CSTE realizes that field investigations will involve evaluations of persons with no symptoms and these individuals will need to be counted as cases.”

COVID-19 thrust itself upon us so unexpectedly that the planet was in shock and stand still. As this virus started to become more familiar, the country ceased its statue-like existence. We have decided to continue the practice that allowed us to deliver solar information directly to homeowner’s inbox. This way we can help stop the spread of COVID and still fulfill our commitment of cleaning uo the environment. 


We have designed a couple packages with you in mind. As our way of helping, we have decided to gift one of two of the following: 

The first is our “No Payment For 12 Months”

The Second is a “State of the art, Air Purifier.” 

What we have decided to do is allow our customers to choose which package is desired. 

When filling out the form below, please select which package you would like. 


Aside from all the benefits that Solar offered, including but not limited to, a reduction in your power costs, extend the longevity of your roof, power production guarantees, system and equipment warranties etc.…

You’re also doing a great thing for the environment. The same environment that our children soon will inherit. Solar isn’t just about saving money, it is about putting your best foot forward and helping in the cleaning up of this beautiful planet.

Our cause stems beyond being a business, it is about doing what we believe is right and what we can do in order to ensure that our children inherit a clean, blue & green planet.

We have thought of all possible ways to be able to assist during these times. We have come to the conclusion that the best way to help is by relieving you of your power costs for 12 Months. 

That’s right, you read that right. Not only are you able to get rid of your power company and not ever pay them for power, you’ll also be able to relieve yourself of even the lower monthly investment of your solar system. 

Transitioning into solar isn’t a headache. It’s a solution to a long lived problem, that we most often then not look over. Solar is the solution to the high costs in power. Because unlike traditional sources, solar doesn’t need manpower to produce power. It only needs the sun.

Air Purifier

Quality of air is quality of life

This Air Treatment System is the best performing HEPA air purifier among top competitors for removing allergens and other contaminants.* Plus, it’s the only air purifier among top competitors to reduce odors like cooking, pet, formaldehyde, mildew, and chemicals like ozone.**

This Air Treatment System sets a new standard for home air quality with its patented smart airflow technology, a unique internal air circulation system. Patented smart airflow technology combines the patented particle sensor with a three-stage filtration system and a unique motor housing, resulting in cleaner air.

Particle sensor continuously monitors room air quality when the unit is on.


Three-stage filtration includes a washable pre-filter (captures large, airborne fibers and hair), replaceable HEPA filter (removes small airborne contaminants), and a replaceable carbon filter (reduces household odors and other contaminants).

Motor assembly features redesigned fan blades for optimized air flow.

Manage air quality and control the unit wirelessly with the Air Treatment’s very own mobile app

This Air Treatment System was engineered for better air.

Removes 99.99% of airborne particles as small as .0024 microns – that is 30,000 times smaller than a human hair, including over 300 contaminants (such as viruses, allergens, bacteria, mold, and mildew).

Reduces odors from smoke, cooking, pets, formaldehyde, and more.

Let us know which package you'd like.

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Stay safe

As our way of helping with covid, all new solar clients will automatically qualify for $1/mo for their solar power.

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