In efforts to keep our customers and consultants safe, we are transitioning to virtual consultations in lieu of home consults. 

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Going Solar is a 7 step process

  • 1) Usage and Information
    Here we gather your basic info as well as your household consumption. This is what we use to qualify for our program.
  • 2) Design Overview
    Here we go over your design details. That would include panel placements, savings, qualification and environmental impacts of going solar.
  • 3) Site Inspection 
    During this step is when all the backend work starts. We conduct an inspection of your home, and design blueprints for this project. All inclusive.
  • 4) Permitting
    Exactly what the name states, permits. We file for all permits related to this project, all inclusive.
  • 5) Installation
    Once we receive the permits, we give you a call to set up install date. This is a one day process, normally, with exceptions made for big systems.
  • 6) Inspection
    Our work is then double checked by the city and utilities. 
  • 7) Permission To Operate (PTO)
    After the inspection certificate is cleared and in hands of the utility company, your system turns on. 

Then The Happens

Keep The Planet Green

She was very happy when we told her the trees will not affect her system.

Savings Guru

One of our first customers. 

Five More Minutes

Sunset Solar

Presidential Series

Triple-Jet black design.

Photons Meet Solar Cell

Life on the surface of a power plant.

Dream Home Scenario

New construction meet new way to get power.

Easily See if solar is for you. We send you all the information and only schedule appointments if you want to go forward.

Start Your

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Stay safe

As our way of helping with covid, all new solar clients will automatically qualify for $1/mo for their solar power.

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