To provide the world with renewable energy solutions and information that can create a life of independence and fulfillment. We do this because the sun has been the most reliable aspect of life. It will always come up at dawn and always go down at dusk. That being the case, we can always count on it. As such we can always count on our solar system providing the energy we need to power your home. 

Our Purpose is to be in the forefront of Solar and be the entity most think about when thinking of Solar Energy. We can only do that if we separate ourselves from the financial gains, and focus on the awareness gains that Solar Energy provides. 

Working With Y.S.G

Going Solar With Y.S.G In 6 Easy Steps


Send us your electric consumption information. All we need is your last electric bill date & amount. Our system will do the rest.


Once you have received your solar potential via email, you read it over. If you have any questions or would like to proceed, we would set a virtual consultation. 

Site Inspection

A critical step in the solar process. We conclude your property’s structural integrity. Once we have determined the integrity, we can determine wether or not we can move forward. 


A few weeks later, on the selected date for install, our crew would show up and install your system in one to two days, depending on your system size. 

Install Inspection

Before turning your system, on, a few inspections are made. One by us, one by the city, and one by the utility company. Once we receive a certificate of completion, we can proceed to PTO.

Permission To Operate

Certificate of Completion is needed and be in the hands of the utility company before they allow your system to produce power. After this step, you have gained utility independence. 

Questions Regarding Solar

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As our way of helping with covid, all new solar clients will automatically qualify for $1/mo for their solar power.

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